Ricky Kwok ( Kwok Man Tai ) was the Associateship of Royal Photographic Society. Ricky Kwok took his first photo in secondary school, and he won over 100 awards in Hong Kong and Overseas between 2013 and 2016. Ricky Kwok loves a creative shooting approach and possesses a strong passion on capturing wonderful moments, thus keeping the final works in realistic and spectacular look.
Ricky KwokRicky Kwok
Don't shoot what it looks like shoot what it feels like.- David Alan Harvey
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Ricky Kwok

Ricky Kwok photography

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Ricky Kwok won over 100 awards in Hong Kong and Overseas

International Students Visual Arts Contest-cum-Exhibition of Hong Kong , Grand Prize
Nat Geo Awards National Geographic Channel 2014 , Winner
Egypt International Photo Contest General Section , Gold Award

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